Personal Details:

Name: Behnam

Surname: Taghizadan

Nationality: Iranian

Email:  btaghizadan@yahoo.com

Web Page: www.Drgearbox.com

Address: No. 4, Mabna Building, Modares Najafi St., Kohandezh Ave., Isfahan, Iran.

Postal Code: 81876-48697

Tel: +98 (31)33393693

Mobile: +98(913)1131925

Fax: +98 (31)33393694



From 1994 to 1998: B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology.

Thesis subject: “Design of Peykan Hydroulic Power Steering System”.


Work Experience:

From 2000-present: Technical Manager of Shams Machinery Industries.

From 2005-present: Consoltant and designer of  Nima industrial group.

From 2013-present: Consoltant and designer of  Wind Turbine gearbox in Niroo Research Institute.

From 2001-2002: Director of installation of  Abadan refinery Clarifier.

From 1999-2000: Engineer of Continous Casting Machine of Saba Steel Company.

From 2010-Present: Founder and manager of Dr.gearbox website.



Under Taken Industrial Projects:

Year 2015: Design of Centrifuge or Decanter at Bandar Imam Petrochemical. P=160 Kw, n(Sun)= 0 R.P.M , n(Internal)= 1250 R.P.M, n(Carrier)= 1187.5 R.P.M- ( 20% differential speed)


Year 2014: Design of sulfuric blower Gearbox at Razi Petrochemical Company.

(P= 2560 Hp, n1= 6584 Rpm, n2= 3010 Rpm)



Year 2014: Design of Turbo Compressor Gearbox (Solar Centar Plant) at Mantagheh Naftkhiz Jonoob Company.

(P=4320 Hp , n1= 15700 R.P.M , n2= 23000 R.P.M)



Year 2012: Design of Grinding Ball Mill Gearbox at Khuzestan Steel Company. (P=1900 Kw , n1= 990 R.P.M , i=1/8.185)



Year 2012: Design of Ladle Turret Gearbox at Khuzestan Steel Company. (P=55 Kw , n1= 1500 R.P.M , i=1/30)



Year 2011: Design of Lime- Kiln Main Gearbox at Khuzestan Steel Company. (P= 200 Kw , n1= 1480 R.P.M , i= 1/95.196)



Year 2010: Design of  the Second and Fourth Stands Main Gearbox at 350 rolling line  Zobahan  Steel Company. (P=135 Kw , n1= 73 R.P.M , n2= 5.75 R.P.M)



Year 2009: Design of Car-Dumper 2 Gearboxes at Mobareke Steel Company. ( 10 sets from 37- 710 Kw)


From 2007 to 2008: Design of  Main Gearboxes of Destroyer Jamaran for IRAN Navy. (P= 7500 Kw , n1= 1050 R.P.M , i= 1/3.29 , Marine reversible gearbox)



Year 2008: Design and manufacture of portable drilling rig for exploration drilling to a depth of 300 m.

Year 2008: Design of Grinding Ball Mill Gearbox at Kerman Cement Company. (P=2700 Kw , n1=990 R.P.M , i=1 / 8.82)



Year 2007: Design of Reciprocating Comperossor Gearbox at Tehran Oil Refining Company. (P=3850 Hp , n1=4000 R.P.M , i= 1 / 13.309)



Year 2007: Design of Cycloidal Gearbox at Khatoon Abad Copper Industry.  (P=22 Kw , n1=1000 R.P.M , i=1 / 87)



Year 2006: Design of Dryer Gear Box at Shiraz Petrochemical Industry.  (P=37 Kw , n1=1473 R.P.M , i=1 / 98)

Year 2006: Design of  Truck Vehicle Power Steering System at Defence Industry.

Year 2005: Design of Cooling Tower Gear Box at Khorasan Petrochemical Industry.  (P=82 Kw , n1=1485 R.P.M , i=1 / 11.2)



Year 2005: Design of Grinding Ball Mill Gearbox at Razi Petrochemical Industry.  (P=30 Kw , n1=735 R.P.M , i=1 / 20.5)

Year 2004: Design of Wind Turbine Gearbox at Niroo Research Institute.  (P=70 Kw , n1=75 R.P.M , i= 20)

Year 2003: Design of Grinding Ball Mill Gearbox at Loshan Cement Company.


(P=850 Kw , n1=950 Rpm , i=1/7.38)



Year 2002: Design of Rolling line Gearbox at Kermanshah Steel Company.  (P=360 Kw , n1=1400 R.P.M , i= 1 / 13.52  to  ۱ / ۱٫۶۹, ۱۰ Sets)

Year 2002: Design of Continuos Casting Planetary Gearbox at Mobareke Steel Company. (P=6 Kw , n1=1200 R.P.M , i= 1 / 661.5)

Year 2001: Design of Clarifier Diffrential Planetary Gearbox at Abadan Refinary Company. (P=7.5 Kw , n1=1400 R.P.M , i= 1 / 1000)

Year 2001: Design of Transfer Car Gearbox at Khoozestan Steel Company. (P=18.5 Kw , n1=975 R.P.M , i= 1 / 156.6)



– Design and produce of Backstops from 800N.m to 22000N.m and setup on convayers and elevators Gearboxes.

– Design and produce of Cycloidal Gearboxes from 0.75Kw to 30Kw with different speed ratio.

– Analyzing and solving causes of breaking and destroying gear teeth and gearboxes in different companies.(Mobarakeh Steel Company,Kerman Steel Company, Sepahan Industrial Group, etc)


Scientific Reports (In Persian):

Year 2014: Analysis of existing problems in the system of  Carriage return and  solutions at Mobarakeh Steel Company.

Year 2008: Review the causes of the failure and analysis of the problems in the main gearbox  of crane 320-ton (Crane No. 19) at Mobareke Steel Company.

Year 2007: Providing inspection method for the repair of the broken teeth of 8 and 11 m diameter  gears at Chadormalo industrial and mining company.

Year 2005: Analysis of  increasing transmission capacity of Slab Transfer Car from 3 to 4 slabs at Mobarakeh Steel Company.

Year 2003: Translate an article entitled as “problems of  gears systems and Gearboxes”.


Conference Paper (In Persian):

A. Bahri and B. Taghizadan, “The effective of gearbox errors on the performance of wind turbine and the effectiveness of any corrective solution to improve it, 22th Int. Conf. of Electrical Engineering, Tehran, Iran, 2007, (Persian).

B. Taghizadan, S.S. Rezvanifar, “An analysis of the division of gearbox ratio general reduction between the two stages”, ۷th Student Conference of Mechanical Eng., Tehran, Iran, 2012 (Persian).