The Measurement of Static Deflection in Spur Gear Teeth

R. W. Furrow*
H. H. Mabie~
Received 18 August 1969
This paper gives the results of static deflection tests on spur gear teeth made of
acrylic. Also, a method is given for determining the dimensions of a tapered
cantilever beam to replace the actual gear tooth in deflection analysis as
proposed by Timoshenko and Baud. Using the equations which were developed
by Timoshenko and Baud for the tapered cantilever beam method, deflections
are calculated and compared with those found from test. The computer program
is also available from which the tapered cantilever beam proportions and
deflections were determined. This program can easily be modified to calculate
the static deflection of spur gear teeth under any conditions of load, diametral
pitch, numbers of teeth, pressure angle, material and tooth width.


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